• Gasoline Prices

    by on March 11, 2022 0 comments

    The Russian invasion of the Ukraine has produced a limited boycott of Russian oil, natural gas and coal. One effect is higher prices for fuel for our millions…

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  • Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord

    by on February 04, 2021 0 comments

    President Joseph Biden, Jr. wasted no time in making good on his campaign promise to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, also known as the Paris Agreement. In one…

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  • Fewer People

    by on June 07, 2020 0 comments

    Coronavirus may be a solution to the biosphere’s problem of too many people consuming too much. Land, air, water and biodiversity will recover from the stresses man has…

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  • Adaptation to the Age of Pandemics

    by on May 17, 2020 0 comments

    Science has delivered recent blessings to mankind along with some challenges, the most dangerous of which may be new microrganisms. Our creative scientists have found or created powerful…

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  • Coronavirus and Climate Change

    by on April 26, 2020 0 comments

    It may be that Mother Nature has done humanity a favor in sending the coronavirus pandemic, Covid 19. Nature has delivered a plague that threatens everyone, and is…

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  • Does Liberalism Work Today?

    by on August 29, 2019 0 comments

    Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines “liberalism” as follows: “a political philosophy advocating personal freedom for the individual, democratic forms of government, gradual reform in political and social institutions.” In…

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  • “Off-the-charts heat” and You

    by on July 29, 2019 0 comments

    This blog  furnishes information to help people trying  to  protect themselves from  harmful effects of climate change.  To that end, one of our projects is  constructing  online U.S….

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  • Fear Is Our Friend

    by on February 17, 2019 0 comments

    This blog and www.weconsumetoomuch.com have explored barriers impeding effective action against  climate change and to adapt to what is already inevitable. The reluctant conclusion has been that  avoiding…

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  • Simple, Durable Clothes

    by on January 28, 2019 0 comments

    Americans will likely adjust consumption habits as our  quick-use, quick-discard model for clothing use becomes impractical and ebbs. The world now discards or burns enough clothing every two…

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  • Biomimicry

    by on January 25, 2019 0 comments

    Industrial agriculture has become the most polluting industry in the United States from farmers infusing America’s plowed soil with manufactured pesticides and fertilizers. They are the point persons in…

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