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  • Ethics

    Immigration and Population Limits

    by on January 04, 2019 2 comments

    Our civilization is threatened by our voracious consumption. Mother Nature has applied the same remedy to 99 percent of all species that have graced the Earth since life…

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  • Psychology, Strategies

    Simplify, Young (Wo)Man

    by on January 03, 2019 0 comments

    The most obvious protection from the real, yet only vaguely predictable, effects of climate change is to get out of the way. Consider, for instance, that residing in…

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  • Politics

    Kansas v. Florida

    by on January 02, 2019 0 comments

    Should Midwesterners pay for the damages which Florida coast-dwellers suffer from rising seas and more powerful storms? A  southern California realtor opines that  “Everybody wants to be near…

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